About Us

Championing Teamwork in the Office

At Regal Marketing Solutions, we understand that by focusing on being the best that we can be, we can induce a circle of positive affect. Our best services mean that our clients receive unsurpassed brand awareness campaigns. This in turn means that consumers receive the best possible customer experience and everyone is satisfied.

This is why Regal Marketing Solutions team members are the most passionate and the dedicated individuals in the business! We constantly work alongside each other to guide our members towards their own personal achievements within their career. Every person is encouraged to be individual and bring their unique perspective to the table so that we can continue to supply our clients with out-of-the-box insights and plans that consistently put them in a state of awe.


Values that Guide Regal Marketing Solutions

Regal Marketing Solutions employs strong values that help to motivate our team members to implement best practices when planning our client’s promotional blueprints. The following values help to ensure our own success as individuals, as a company, as well as for our clients:

  • People: We encourage our team members to let their personality and individuality shine.
  • Teamwork: We use a strong support network and specially designed mentoring program to help each other grow and further ourselves within our careers.
  • Integrity: Our success is born through working with an excellent team of leaders. We don’t embellish or exaggerate, we simply use our specific skill sets to present our clients brands in the best light.
  • Results: We are a team of on-base hitters. That means we set bite size targets that our members consistently hit. This approach leads us to overwhelming success in every part of our campaigns.
  • Trust: Our clients trust us to provide them with the most innovative promotional plans. We trust each other to provide the support and guidance we need to better ourselves and achieve our common goals. We constantly strive to ensure that these bonds of trust remain strong.

Meet Our Team


Director of Marketing

“I love working with people who share the same mission. We are a motivated and hard working team that thrives on surpassing goals.”

Kristina attended California Lutheran University and received a Bachelor’s in Business with an emphasis in marketing in 2011. She gained her extreme sense of teamwork from her college soccer career. She also learned how to help improve others with leading by example.

She took her knowledge and leadership skills to begin Regal Marketing Solutions. She focuses on developing her staff individually and professionally in their careers. With the intensive training program she devised, she is able to prepare new team members for management positions and career advancement.


Human Resource Manager

“It has been so rewarding to work with Regal Marketing because I love to watch new team members grow and develop. The hands on training program is also such a great experience that helps each team member make the most of their opportunity.”


Mia is a Ball State University graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology, Education, and Business Management. She has been with Regal Marketing since January 2014 and is dedicated to help build a strong team to best represent our clients and exceed expectations.


Prior to joining the team Mia taught elementary school and managed a very lucrative business of her own for 5 years. She relocated and wanted to pursue a new venture and the Regal Marketing team welcomed her!


Client Representative

“I enjoy working at Regal Marketing Solutions because they have helped me develop an array of leadership skills and has also put me in the position to advance in my career.”


Michelle is a Top Client Representative who portrays exemplary customer service skills and leadership development. She is always working towards her own goals as well as helping others achieve theirs. She is high energy and ready for any challenge that comes her way. Her goal is to open her own location in San Jose, CA and continue to expand her team.